Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ever "misplaced" your child?

Up until last week I could proudly say "Not me"! Well, guess what? ME (and mammy; had to throw that in there for good measure) It's the day before I run a 5k for the 1st time with a knee that has been less than cooperative, so I'm more than nervous about finishing it and I decide I need a new shirt to wear. "Mammy, feel like running some errands with Ky and me?" Sure she says and I bet she wishes now she stayed home to catch Days of Our Lives! Dick's sporting goods at the Mall, huge store, mall and parking lot entrance and we are poking around. Kyle USUALLY stays close and has never been the kind of kid to wonder or bolt so of course I have my eye on him while we are walking through clothing racks. I lost site of him in the time it takes to look down at your radio station in the car and then back up at the road. THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION "Ky, Kyle, K...y..l..e" Where the heck did he go as I assuming I'll spot him any second now because, come on, how far could he have gotten in 2SECONDS!!!! "KYLE, KYLLLLLLEEEE" my steps are much faster and its been around 15 seconds at this point...Mammy is on the search as well and we both head in different directions...her towards the mall entrance and me towards the parking lot. At this point around 30 seconds or so PURE PANIC sets in...I've had panic attacks for quite a bit of my life, but I have NEVER felt like this. You know how people say sometimes that your life flashes before your eyes? I had no idea someone brain to conjure up so many scenarios in such a short amount of time. I pictured him being dragged in the parking lot with a stranger (he is VERY trusting of people), his face on milk cartons, lost and alone, wandering into the mall into a sea of people and I am frantic. SCREAMING his name, yelling to Lulu who's also screaming for him "Do you see him, do you hear him" "KYLE ANSWER MOMMY, WHERE ARE YOU?" The few people around me who worked in the store DID NOTHING! NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING! I didn't have time to be pissed about it that moment, but ARE YOU KIDDING? I don't care if you think I'm a lunatic parent who should have been watching her kid better, but he's lost and you're going to continue to fold clothes? Anyway - after a VERY LONG 2 minutes I can hear him.....I hear his voice and it's like someone started my heart again. I rush to the sound of his voices yelling for him to keep calling me and he's playing golf. Yup, you read that correctly.....putting the fake green in Dick's Pro shop. Mammy and I were beyond crying...we had to catch our breath and be so thankful that none of those sickening thoughts..........ugh. "Kyle did you hear us, where were you?" "Were you scared" "No mama, I was right here, I wanted to play golf!" Oh the innocence! Then he tells me later on "Mama why did you get lost today in the store?" The single most frightening moment of my life. All I can think of is Adam Walsh and he was picked of by some psycho in the same scenario. Predators would have had a field day with us. I don't mock or criticise those who choose to put there children on leashes anymore. I plan to never feel that panic again.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

March 2007:7 months old

You are talking a little bit, at least Daddy thinks you are saying Dada.....don't tell him, but he's right!

February 2007: 6 months old

You are our little swedish chef! You are having so much fun and growing up so quickly. You love to bang on anything and hear the sounds. You are very curious and want to know everything that's going on around you.
You are getting up on all fours and started to bounce yourself around

You saw your 1st snowstorm and played in it on the swings

You made your debut in the media when we attended the fishin' show in Worcester

And you are already playing hide and seek!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy New Year January 2007 - 5 months old

You are 5 months old now and it's the new year. You love to eat your toes and auntie Erin likes to help you. You are drooling like crazy and chewing on anything you can find so we are waiting to see those teeth pop soon. You LOVE to bounce in the jump a roo. You laugh and could bounce for hours giggling and drooling the whole time.

Did I mention how cute you are?

You are digging the baby cookies and seem to be wrestling with this one

The bouncy makes you very happy and we laugh like crazy watching you in it

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

December 2006; 4 months old

Kyle got his 1st cold this month that turned into RSV. We were lucky that we caught it early and he did not need to be hospitalized, but he did need the nebulizer and although he didn't like it, he used it enough for the medicine to work thank goodness. He LOVES the jump a roo. He works this thing like nothing I've ever seen and I'm sure his legs and stamina will benefit in the long. He bounces up and down, back and forth, side to side and laughing the whole time. He could bounce for hours and we laugh and laugh at him. We've called friends over just to watch him bounce!

"A jump a roo session with Daddy"

It was also Kyle's 1st Christmas and the poor little guy was still sick with RSV. He still managed to get spoiled and recieved many gifts from all the people who loved him! It was also the Christmas that Mommy got her new camera......and the rest is history :) From now on the pics posted shall be a tad better!

"At 4 months we learned Kyle is a musical genious!"

November 2006; 3 months old

"This is called what? Oh football! Thanks uncle Ed"

"Christmas card photo shoot #1"
"Let's see here, it goes in my mouth?" "What is that?"
"I have toes!"

"Loco is a nice headrest"
"No worries, I got this mom"

Kyle rolled over this month! He's also started drooling like nothing I've ever seen! Entire shirts soaking wet...no teeth yet, but they are on the way! Kyle is just the cutest most loved little boy. He's amazing us every step of the way. He's started to eat some baby food too. Believe it or not, he likes green beans and peas. He loves his boppy, sleeps in it, plays in it, chews it and Loco joins in for nap time too. He is also learning to hold his own bottle!

It was Kyle's 1st Thanksgiving and Auntie Erin made darn sure he got a taste of mashed taters. Yum yum